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How to Put Aesthete 

HOTSUMA AESTHETE Decal Sticker(H.A()can be transferred to any hard and somooth surface such as cell phones,sports gear like helmets and boards,laquer ware,potterzy,glass,plastics and metals.

Caution. Please read before you start

It is your own responsibility to use this product.In rare cases,the H.A may not stick to some materials. Please be patient and careful when removing the top film,since,occationally,the paint of the surface where the H.A was transferred may come off as well depending on the cnditions of the surface such as scratches,ageing or coating mehtod.Designed for durability and toughness,the H.A is naturally not easy to get off,but it can be done -  take time,be patient and take it off little.Only use this product when you fully understand this instruction.


  • This product conforms to safety standards for toys (chemical properties regulation),however,do not put the H.A on any tableware where food or mouth may have contact.
  • Always supervise its use by children.
  • Do not put the H.A on cookware such as pans,kettles or pots,that may be heated.
  • Do not put the item with the H.A in the dishwasher or microwave.

  1. Prepare the tools       2.Cut the sticker into parts  3.Trace the edge of the         a box knife                   to arrange.                        object with mark on  scissors                                                               the film to cut selvage a permanent marker                                                off.        

4.Remove the covering          5. Set and fix the sticker      6.Remove the mat film         film from the mat film and          with the mat film and          most carefully from the       the sticker.                             press it carefully with          object .                                                                   your nail .                                                                                                      You cannot reuse the        Repeat the procss                                                sticker.                           above for the remainder.